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On August 2, Chabad of NDG hosted a Tu B'Av cocktail party at its centre on Monkland Ave, near Harvard Ave. It was shoulder-to-shoulder with dance music, flashing lights and electricity in the air as Jewish singles came together to celebrate. In a press release sent out by the organization, Tu B'Av is described as the Jewish night of love, a "magical time where those searching for love come together for a celebratory evening in the hopes of metting their Beshert (true love)." This year, Chabad of NDG added a little bit of sugar to the mix by puting together a dessert-a-thon, Sugar Chai, with members brninging a wide range of fancy treats. Pictured above from left to right: Daniel Bensimon, Mireille Alvo, Elysse Hazan, Sara Bernath, Rabbi Yisroel Bernath.