Chabad of NDG Creates Montreal’s Very First Sukkah for the Cure
to Support the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

Montreal, Quebec – October 4, 2012 - Chabad of NDG has decided to go pink for the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot this year by creating a Sukkah for the Cure, in an effort to raise money for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. This legendary pink Sukkah can be found at Chabad’s location on Monkland.
On Sukkot, the Jewish community commemorates G‑d's protection enjoyed by the Jewish people during their 40-year sojourn in the wilderness. During that time the Clouds of Glory shielded the Children of Israel from the radical elements and conditions common in the desert. The primary feature and namesake of this Holiday is the Sukkah, a temporary hut whose roof is made from natural materials, which represents the shelter provided by the Clouds of Glory.

"Sukkot is about unity," said Rabbi Yisroel Bernath, Spiritual Director of the Monkland Jewish Centre - Chabad NDG. "We invite our friends and neighbours to celebrate with us. What could be better than coming together to support a fantastic cause?"

Bernath is known for doing things in a unique fashion. Last year’s Sukkot holiday inspired the construction of a peace Sukkah covered with people’s thoughts, prayers, poems and stories. This year it revolves around doing their part to help a foundation who has done so much for the cancer community.
“We want to be involved and help where we can,” explains Bernath. “Cancer is a disease prevalent in the world today. Everyone is affected by it in some way, through their own personal experiences or through the experiences of loved ones and friends. With love, we hope to help conquer this disease.”
Join the Cause
When: October 3-7, 2012
Where: 5686 Monkland Ave., NDG, QC, H4A 1E4
How: Drop by, check out the Sukkah and donate
About The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation
The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is a registered charitable organization created in 1994 by exceptional women who wished to help people with breast cancer. For 15 years, it has been constantly growing because of the generous donations and support from its partners and the community. Today, they are proud to fund large-scale research projects in Quebec while helping people touched by breast cancer.
About the Chabad of NDG
The Monkland Jewish Centre - Chabad NDG is THE place for young Jews to congregate, share in religious practice and learn about their heritage. In just over two years, it has become the spiritual sensation of the West End.
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Rabbi Yisroel Bernath
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