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Put a smile on someone's face this Passover

Is anything more valuable to you than making someone smile?

You can be a Passover hero! Help someone attend a Seder and put a smile on their face. We don't turn anyone away.

If someone needy can't make it to a Seder, we will provide a Passover basket to them, free of charge.

Do you know someone who can be helped by what we offer? Let us know! Call 514-507-8800 or email

you can also donate via Paypal

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$3600 Diamond Sponsorship of two entire Seders $1800
Diamond co-sponsorship of two entire Seders
Platinum co-sponsorship of one entire Seder
Gold co-sponsorship of two entire Seders
Co-sponsorship of one entire Seder

Sponsor two people for two Seder Meals

Sponsor a Passover Basket for two families
Sponsor two people at one Seder Meal

Sponsor a Passover Basket for one family

Sponsor one person at Seder Meal

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Make a donation in memory of a deceased family member or friend.
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