Membership at the Rohr Chabad NDG 

 One minute. Membership? Isn’t everything that Chabad does free?

 In a perfect world we would love to give you everything for free: Classes, Parties, Shabbatons – everything that endears us to our little place on Sherbrooke.  But in the real world, you have to pay expenses: utilities, food, advertising, etc.

Thank G‑d we have grown over the years - we recently expanded to a larger space and have been watching the numbers of people who walk through our doors grow. We now need your help more than ever. 

We are asking you to contribute on a monthly basis at your level. 

Our entire budget is covered by kind people like you.

As a Member
You support a fantastic cause that is really making a difference.
You join an elite group of people that make things happen.
You become a decision maker at Chabad NDG.
Your donation is completely tax-deductible.
You find out about upcoming events before everyone else.

Chai Club Membership Opportunites

PLATINUM TIER: $360+ per month

GOLD TIER: $180+ per month  

SILVER TIER: $90+ per month 

BRONZE TIER: $36+ per month   

I would like to donate, on a monthly basis, the following amount: 


In honor of/In loving memory of:




Card Type  
Card Number
Cvv Code

Last Name

First Name
Postal Code
Comments (optional)

    If you choose to donate via check, checks can be made payable to:

    Chabad NDG
    6058 Sherbrooke West
    Montreal, QC H4A 1Y1  

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