The Kabbalah of Happiness

Everyone is looking for happiness in life... is there a magical formula for obtaining a true sense of joy and fulfullment? Is the environment you create a happy one? How can one be happy in light of so much negativity? What is happiness anyway? Discover the five most important steps on the road to happiness. Featuring exciting exercises, thought-provoking conversations, practical tools that you can take home.


Join us for 8 incredible weeks with Rabbi Yisroel Bernath 

Starting Monday October 21 @ 7:30pm

@ The NEW Chabad NDG Centre - 4020 Hingston (between Monkland and NDG)

Cost: $75 for 8 Weeks 

Option #1: $15 for each class!
Option #2: $75 for all 8 weeks! (see above)
Option #3: ONLY $30 for all 8 weeks! A generous donor has given me a limited number of scholarships, but you need to sign up using this link


Course Outline:

Lesson #1: Living Happy Every Day
Lesson #2: Seeing the Silver Lining
Lesson #3: Probing Beneath the Surface
Lesson #4: Confronting Challenges
Lesson #5: Mind Control
Lesson #6: Growing from Pain
Lesson #7: Getting Beyond the "I" and Letting Go
Lesson #8: True Joy