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The Sinai Scholars Society
Student Coordinator Job Description

The Goal:

The Sinai Scholars Society is an integrated program encompassing Torah study, social activities, and national networking opportunities that introduces students to the contemporary significance of the Jewish experience.

The task of preparing the lessons and teaching the course are sufficiently important to require the Instructor's exclusive focus. Therefore to ensure maximum success of the program, each semester a Sinai Scholar Student Coordinator is hired. He or she is responsible for the many other tasks involved in administration of the course, ranging from helping with the recruitment, ensuring there are refreshments, managing the attendance and more.

Student Coordinator Job description:

1. Recruitment: The coordinator will use his/her own network of friends, acquaintances and contacts to develop a larger group of students whom they will target to invite to the course. These individuals will fit the criteria of whom this course is directed for. He/she will work, with the help of the Instructor, to contact the students and recruit them. The coordinator will also utilize other methods of tabling, flyers etc. to spread the word about this course.

2. Scheduling: The coordinator will work closely with the instructor to set the schedule for the semester, taking in consideration other events and ensuring there will be no conflicts.

3. Attendance: Coordinator will take attendance throughout the course, and be responsible to communicate with those who need to schedule make up sessions etc. Included is also the responsibly for the weekly questions, ensuring that it gets posted online, and to monitor that there is active participation from all members.

4. The coordinator will also serve as an intermediate between the instructor and the participants, to follow up with the students throughout the semester, to gage feedback and ensure that all participants are comfortable.

5. Coordinator will be responsible for preparing all needed materials for the class including copies and refreshments.

6. Coordinator are expected to take pictures of the classes and have them posted on the website.

7. Before each lesson the coordinator will contact all students attending the course andremind them of the impending class. They will also notify students of any date and time changes.

8. Coordinator will be responsible to help the Instructor arrange the Orientation, Shabbat, Field Trip and Graduation events.

9. Coordinator will be required to attend an in-depth tele-conference at the beginning of school year.

Payment & Requirements:

10. $300 US for being Sinai Scholars co-ordinator, plus an extra $50 if 15 or more students complete all the course requirements and graduate.

11. This offer is only open to Sinai Scholars Alumni.

To apply for the Sinai Scholars Coordinator position, please fill out this form:

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What is your understanding of the Sinai Scholars Program? How would you describe the purpose of this program on campus?

What do you thing are the key factors that would motivate someone to want to join this program?

The Sinai Scholars Society student coordinator is a position which demands lots of planning, tremendous focus on the details, great organizational skills and very important: consistency and reliability (we will all be counting on you!). Please describe why do you think that you are the right person for this internship?

How would you define the ideal candidate for the Sinai Scholars program (i.e unaffiliated/affiliated, prior Jewish knowledge vs. no prior Jewish knowledge, popular vs. under engaged etc)?

If you were chosen for this position, what would be your action plan for recruitment? What steps would you take to ensure maximum success in this area?

Do you have any past leadership experience? If yes, in what capacity?

Any other thoughts?