Rohr Chabad of NDG and Loyola Campus is proud to present this exclusive society!

Join Us for a Brand New Semester starting Wednesday October 9, 2019

Every semester, a select number of students will join this elite society. A society dedicated to intellectual discovery and lively discussion. A society that explores the fundamental principles of Jewish faith - in fact, of human civilization - as put forth in the Ten Commandments. A society that exists at 45 other schools across the world. The Sinai Scholars Society.

The group meets for eight classes on Wednesday nights. Students participate in the discussion, embark on a field trip, experience a Shabbat, and write a paper. And when they're done, they can meaningfully discuss Judaism's approach to such issues as faith, family, property, medical and business ethics, relationships, and much more.

Qualified students completing the course are awarded a stipend of $350, and are invited to participate in follow-up leadership events both locally and nationally.

Limited spots available.

Every WEDNESDAY - October 9 - November 27 | 7:30pm-9pm | Chabad NDG
Registration is now open!

1) You must attend all 8 classes.
2) You must attend Sinai Scholars Shabbat Dinner.
3) You must write 1 paper on a topic in the course and 1 short reflection paper.
4) If you cannot participate in any part of the program because of a scheduling conflict you must notify us in advance.


All Sinai Scholars alumni are eligible to attend the National Jewish Retreat expense-free (over a $1500 value), and receive a $200 travel stipend. Email [email protected] for details.
2) ISRAELINKS - 3 Week Trip to Israel
In partnership with IsraeLinks, Sinai Scholars alumni are offered the choice to trade in their $350 stipend upon complete of the course, for a $500 value to reserve their spot on the incredible IsraeLinks Trip. Email [email protected] for details.

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Visit the Sinai Scholars website: REGISTER HERE