General Curriculum

- Hebrew reading and language. We begin with reading alef bet - recognizing the letters and vowels - together with the basics of writing or representing the letters. We continue with the parsing of phonemes into words, while introducing various basic word meanings. This pattern ensures that our graduates will be able to read and write any Hebrew word, besides building a basic vocabulary.

Very importantly, we screen and track progress on Hebrew letters very closely. This means that as a parent, you will be able to track which letters your child has mastered throughout the year and watch their progress.

We follow a multi-sensory approach to teaching letters, whereas children interact with each letter in tactile, auditory and visual modes.

- Holidays and selected Torah portions. Every week, we select a theme from an upcoming holiday or current Torah portion and learn all about it. We engage in 'active learning' - games and activities which teach the essence of the lesson, without the boredom.

- Life Skills, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). We teach how to be a mensch - need we say more? Life skills and healthy social interactions are taught overtly and covertly. See below for more information on one of the programs we use to teach SEL.

Is this going to be like school?

Our curriculum is fun and creative - full of interactive activities, field trips, games, and arts and performances too. We make sure that every student wants to be there!