Bar Mitzvah @ Chabad

Bar Mitzvah, the emergence from childhood into early adulthood, is a critical pocket of time. It is a crossroads, where one embarks upon their path through the numerous changes of teenhood, and finally into full adulthood.

Just as every child is different, so too, every Bar Mitzvah is different. Chabad strives to provide every Bar Mitzvah with their unique experience, and leave a lasting, positive imprint.

(If you're also interested in joining a Bnei Mitzvah group to add even more to this important coming-of-age experience, click here.)

Contact: Rabbi Yehoshua 'Yosh' Berkowicz

E-mail: [email protected]


Top 3 Reasons to Celebrate Your Bar-Mitzvah with Chabad:


1. We're Flexible

"So... you need to use our caterer, it has to be on the 22nd - no earlier or later - and this is what it has to look like..." Sounds like a nightmare? We think so too.

Chabad NDG offers maximum flexibility: Pick any kosher caterer. Choose Shabbat, or a weekday - whatever works for you! Decide what you want your Bar Mitzvah to study or perform - is he musical, a good speaker, does he have special interests? We're going to include it.

Your Bar Mitzvah can look like you imagined it - or better.

2. It's Really, Really Affordable

"So, we charge this much.. Take it or leave it." Oy.

Chabad's costs for a Bar Mitzvah are completely transparent - you only pay for the things you want. And don't pay for the things you don't want - it's that easy.

Our beautiful hall can accommodate an intimate crowd of 20, or a boisterous crowd of 200. Whatever the party, whether you want to go fancy or simple - we can make it happen, without breaking your bank.

Oh, by the way - Chabad never turns anyone away for lack of funds. If you need a Bar Mitzvah but can't afford everything, we will find a way to help.


3. There's No Caveat

"So, of course, your family will register for yearly membership, your son will spend at least 2 years in our school, you will sign away.." Whaaat??

A Bar Mitzvah is just that - a Bar Mitzvah, and Chabad provides the experience without any strings attached. We are firm believers in free choice - if you like what we have to offer, please, become more involved! Our Bar Mitzvah is not conditional on being a 'member' (we don't even have those), or promising to attend any of our other programs.

But be warned - our warm, loving community has inspired families to move into our neighborhood. And no matter what, your post Bar-Mitzvah teen can choose to stay involved as part of our upcoming teen programs.

Like what you see? Email us at [email protected] for more information. We're very friendly, we promise! :-p