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The Disputation of Barcelona

A Film and Discussion with Dr. Ira Robinson - Wednesday, December 16th

Film Screening 7:30-8:30 | Q&A with Dr. Robinson 8:30-9:30

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During medieval Europe, the Church tried to persuade Jews to convert to Christianity through logic and debate. To achieve their end, there were a number of debates that were organized between high profile representatives of the church and the Jewish community. Some of the most famous and best documented of these disputations took place in Paris (1240) and Barcelona (1263).

In this special session, we invite you to discover the details of the Disputation of Barcelona and try to link the content to today's reality of antisemitism. First, we will screen a superbly produced movie on the disputation (about 60 minutes).

We will then have the privilege to listen to some comments by one of Canada's premier scholars on Jewish history, professor Ira Robinson, who is the Chair & Director of the Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies.

Followed by a Q&A with Dr. Robinson.

Suggested Donation: $5

Hosted by
Kia Rassekh