Take Hold of Your Share 

Most synagogues are run like corporations: they have Presidents, CEOs and Boards... and the shul-goers are their customers.

But Chabad is different. Who owns Chabad?

You. Every Jew! As Rabbis and Rebbetzins, all we do is represent you.

In order to better serve you, we are introducing the world's first Chabad Co-op. Here's how it works.

 Chabad's Chai Co-op

Co-op members are not customers; they're owners.

They don't pay fees; they invest equity.

When you take a share of the Chabad Chai Co-op, you get to have a say in the way Chabad is run - besides getting a great discount on everything Chabad has to offer.

Of course, we have a founding constitution - the Torah - we can't rule against... but everything else is up to us!

By taking a share in the Chai co-op, your vision and ideas will shape the way Chabad proceeds into the future.

How It Works 

Our initial offering is 100 Chai Shares - each share is $18/month. Once all of the shares are taken, none will be available until next year. Everyone can take as many of those shares as they would like.

So 1 share = $18/month. 2 shares = $36/month, and so on. 

The more shares you take, the more votes you have.

Chai Co-op member-owners will have access to monthly meetings, where we can discuss anything about Chabad and even put up various issues to vote! (Of course, shares don't carry an obligation to do this - it's a privilege at your discretion.)

Also, the more shares you own, the bigger discount you get on everything Chabad:

 1 Share  5% Discount
 3 Shares  10% Discount
 5 Shares  20% Discount
 7 Shares  25% Discount
 9 Shares +  30% Discount


What are you waiting for? Take hold of what's already yours. Have your say. Bring your new ideas to the table. Become part of important decisions. It's not just membership - it's ownership.

Yes, I Want to Join Now