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Rohr Chabad NDG will be hosting Master Dream Interpreter Layne Dalfen for an open and candid conversation on Dreams.

This is an incredible "out of the world" evening you don't want to miss.

Do our dreams have any meaning?
Why do some people have recurring dreams?
Does our subconscious mind cause us to dream at night?
What do my Dreams tell me about my life and experiences?

Improve Relationships, Solve Tough Problems and Find YOUR Secret To Love And Happiness! Discover NEW flexibility and power in the way you approach people and situations!

7:30 Wine & Dessert Mingle
7:45 Special Discussion with Layne Dalfen: Decoding Dreams
8:30 Open Q&A Period

Wine & Dessert Bar will be served.

$8 Early Bird
$15 General Admission
FREE for Concordia Students 
25% Discount for Chabad NDG Co-Op Members

at Chabad NDG - 6058 Sherbrooke West

Layne's Books will be available for Sale.


About Layne Dalfen

layne_dalfen.jpgLayne Dalfen begins most conversations with saying, “The dream is the conversation you are having with yourself concerning a very specific current issue in your life you are attempting to problem solve. The great news is the solutions to our problems of course appear in our unconscious before they come forward to the conscious. Learning the language not only allows you to propel your problem solving skills, it also gives you new found power, comfort, and flexibility in how you decide to react and respond to a person or situation in your life.”

Layne founded The Dream Interpretation Centre in 1997. She has been a lecturer for the Counselling students at Concordia University in Montreal since 2005. Her interest in dreams stems from her early experience in Freudian analysis where dream work was the primary tool. She later studied at The Gestalt Counselling and Training Centre Certificate Program in Montreal, and Adlerian principles with Dr. Leo Gold of The Alfred Adler Institute in New York. She has been a member of The International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) since 1997, and was a Board of Directors member from 2005-2009, where she has had the opportunity to lecture in The US, Canada and Europe.

Combining insight from Freud, Adler, Jung and Perls’ Gestalt Psychology, her focus is introducing the general public to the value of decoding their dreams. She does this by teaching easy-to-grasp ideas about how to uncover the solutions to our current issues that appear in our dreams every night.

In her books—the first shorter volume titled, Have a Great Dream, Book 1; The Overview, Decoding Your Dreams to Discover Your Full Potential, and the second, titled, Have a Great Dream, Book 2; A Deeper Discussion— she shows you how to analyze, evaluate and map your own dreams for the clues that will truly set you free, and bring you closer to what you really desire in life.

She has appeared on over 150 radio shows across America and has been featured on numerous TV networks. Layne has written articles for magazines both in Canada and The US. Layne is also well known at Rancho La Puerta Spa in Mexico.

at Chabad NDG - 6058 Sherbrooke West

Hosted by
Rohr Chabad NDG
Chabad at Concordia - Loyola Campus