Let's celebrate Chassidic culture... by doing Purim with the Shtisels!

The hit Israeli show - that's taking Netflix by storm - is the inspiration for a Purim feast that's like nothing you've ever seen.

Hit up Anshin's Deli for some hot Yerushalmi Kugel and other unique delicacies / Dress up in your Chassidic best to win the Best Costume prize / Compete with the clergy in a Rabbi-Jacob-dance-off spectacular / Gawk at a shocking blindfolded taste test of weird Chassidic foods / Be entertained by the Shtreimel Swag of our very own Hantdiman Rebbe / Special Purim surprise fun for kids!


Thursday, March 21 2019 at 4:45pm at Rohr Chabad of NDG 

4:45pm Doors Open

5:00 Megillah Reading

5:45 Dinner is Served

Advance Registration (before March 10) $15 Adults $10 Child

At the Door $20 Adults $15 Child

50% off for Chabad NDG Co-Op Members. 

Sponsorship $360