Starting Monday, May 13 2019 at 8:00PM 

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The Kabbalah of Western Civilization
They love us. They hate us. Let’s talk about why.

Far-right extremists scream that they hate you.
Far-left activists claim that Zionism is racism.
People think that you run the world. That its ills are your fault.

How did you, the Jew, get here?

For two thousand years, the Jews have primarily lived within Western Civilization.
We’ve been both loved and reviled; felt both alienated and assimilated.

This course will answer the burning question: how did we get here? But even more importantly, we will ask... why?

Join Rabbis Yisroel Bernath & Yehoshua Berkowicz for an original, locally-designed course covering history, politics, and the spiritual undercurrents of why - perhaps - this all came to be.

This course format is not like anything you’ve seen before. The destination is not pre-set; the outcome - and the answers - will depend on what you and others bring to the table. You will be challenged to think and research for yourself

So join us for a novel, Jewish educational experience; a new frontier for the Kabbalistic understanding of history; a world premiere - The Kabbalah of Western Civilization.

Join us for four Monday nights
Starting Monday May 13 - June 3, 2019 | 7:30pm

Cost: $75 | $60 Early Bird (including course book)
Chabad Coop Members & Students Special Prices

Courses are all held at Rohr Chabad NDG | 6058 Sherbrooke West

Light Refreshments Will Be Served.
Session 1: Language, Culture and Customs
Session 2: Money, Trade and Business
Session 3: Religion, Philosophy and Spirituality
Session 4: Anti-Semitism and Philo-Semitism