Rohr Chabad of NDG is proud to present.. 

Our 11th Annual Tisha B'Av Service and Film Screening

Sunday, August 11 at 6PM

Join us for a traditional Tisha B'AV service followed by the Award Winning REMEMBER.
Delicious light break-your-fast will follow.

6:00pm Tefillin and Traditional Tisha B'Av Service
6:45pm Special Presentation Film Screening
8:15pm Q&A with Rabbi Yisroel Bernath
9:08pm Fast Ends
followed by a light breakfast and refreshments

Suggested Donation: $5
FREE for Chabad NDG Chai Club Members
Event Sponsor $360

Dedicated in Loving Memory of Rivkah Laura bat Asher & Bosmat


REMEMBER is a drama-thriller film directed by Atom Egoyan and written by Benjamin August. Starring Christopher Plummer, Bruno Ganz, Jürgen Prochnow, Heinz Lieven, Henry Czerny, Dean Norris and Martin Landau, it was a co-production of Canada and Germany. The plot follows an elderly Holocaust survivor with dementia who sets out to kill a Nazi war criminal, and was inspired by August's consideration that there were fewer parts for senior actors in recent years.

After a screening at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival, it was theatrically released in Canada, Germany and in the United States. Remember received mostly positive reviews and won a few film festival awards. At the 4th Canadian Screen Awards, August received the Award for Best Original Screenplay and Remember was also nominated for Best Motion Picture.
In a New York City nursing home, Auschwitz concentration camp survivor Zev Guttman, an 89-year-old dementia patient, is sitting shiva for his wife, Ruth. Another elderly patient and fellow Auschwitz survivor, the incapacitated Max Rosenbaum, reminds Zev of what he promised to do when Ruth died. Max has continually reminded Zev that their families were murdered at the camp by the Blockführer Otto Wallisch, who was believed to have immigrated to North America under the false name Rudy Kurlander. The Simon Wiesenthal Center has located four Rudy Kurlanders, but there is no evidence to arrest any of them. Max reminds Zev that they are the only two who can still recognize Wallisch.

Max convinces Zev to avenge their families by seeking out and killing Wallisch and provides him written instructions to follow. Zev leaves the nursing home in a taxi and boards a train to Cleveland as a Silver Alert is issued for his disappearance. He has moments of confusion but he relies on the letter, which reminds him Ruth is dead, and Max arranges his travel. Max directs Zev to a gun shop, where he buys a Glock, and then to the four men in the U.S. and Canada named Rudy Kurlander, one of whom is the former Blockführer.

Zev confronts the first Rudy Kurlander, a German veteran of World War II, in his home, but this Kurlander proves that he served in the North African Campaign under Erwin Rommel, and was never near Auschwitz. Zev finds the second Rudy Kurlander in a nursing home in Quebec, but he turns out to have been a prisoner in Auschwitz, sent there as a homosexual, which he proves by showing Zev his arm tattoo.

Zev travels to Boise and arrives at the house of the third Rudy Kurlander in Bruneau, Idaho. His son, John, an Idaho state trooper, tells Zev that his father died three months ago. John, who thinks Zev is an old friend of his father's from the war, shows him his father's Nazi memorabilia but reveals, after several glasses of whiskey, that his father was only a boy and a cook during the war. When John, who is a neo-Nazi, sees Zev's tattoo and realizes he is Jewish, he becomes enraged and lets loose his German shepherd, Eva. Zev shoots the dog and then John, collapses in exhaustion on John's bed and leaves the house in the morning.

In Reno, Nevada, Zev falls in the street and is taken to the hospital, which contacts his relieved son, who travels to Reno. After a young girl reads his letter to him, Zev leaves for South Lake Tahoe, California via taxi. He arrives at the home of the fourth Rudy Kurlander and his family, and recognizes him from his voice as the Auschwitz Blockführer. Zev's son, who traced him through the taxi service, arrives to witness Zev threatening to shoot Rudy's granddaughter unless he confesses "the truth" to everyone. Rudy admits to his daughter and granddaughter that he was in the SS and killed "many" people. However, he says his real name is Kunibert Sturm — and Zev himself is Otto Wallisch. They were both Blockführers, and after the war, tattooed each other to pose as Jewish survivors. Shocked, Zev shoots Sturm and then, declaring "I remember," fatally shoots himself.

Back in New York, the horrified nursing home residents watch television news reports of the murder/suicide. Max reveals that he recognized Zev as Wallisch when he arrived at the nursing home, and that Wallisch and Sturm killed his family.

Shown in HD on Chabad's Projection Screen.