Just An NDG Minimalist Purim

Purim in Africa! Purim in the roaring '20s!!! Purim in an IGLOO!
Purim... in spaaaaaaaace!

This year, we said... nah.

Welcome to Just An NDG Minimalist Purim; Good, Simple Purim Fun.

Tuesday, March 10 at 4h45pm

We're going to party à la post-modern: minimalist decor and delectably simple dishes are the theme.

Dress in your conceptual best: whether you're feelin' Dadaist, like a red herring, or just plain waiting for Godot... If it leaves us scratching our heads, you'll probably win Best Costume™.

Or just bring your smile. We don't care. It doesn't matter anyway, does it? Like, do we even exist?

So introduce yourself and your family to a simpler way – where there's so much space for YOU.

It's just an ndg minimalist purim... think about how much you'll save...
we dont need punctuation

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4:45pm Doors Open | 5:00 Megillah Reading | 5:45 Dinner is Served

$25 adult
$15 child
$60 family of four
$80 family of 6+

��Sponsorship $360