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A Special Discussion on Jewish Relationships for Singles and Young Adults with Dr. Assael Romanelli and Rabbi Yisroel Bernath

Many times we present ourselves as shallow or distant from our core values. In this special event, we will discuss techniques that will help you bring your authentic self to your relationships and create more meaningful moments, deeper rapport and a grounded sense of self.

Plus Rabbi Bernath and Dr. Romanelli will tackle some of your most difficult and pressing questions. In this no-holds-barred conversation that is sure to leave you with a lot to think about.

Are you in a relationship, looking to get into a relationship or wondering why you can’t find that special someone? It’s a fascinating blend of modern psychology and ancient Jewish wisdom. You will learn practical tips to getting into and maintaining your relationship. It’s fun, inspiring and a TAD bit controversial.

FREE ADMISSION (Must Reserve on Eventbrite) | Suggested Donation: $15

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Please note Dr. Romanelli will be logging in from Israel, so this event is taking place 2PM EST (9PM Israel TIme)

Hosted by Rohr Chabad NDG | Young Jewish Professionals |

About Dr. Assael Romanelli
Dr. Assael Romanelli is a clinical social worker, licensed couple & family therapist, international trainer and Playback Theater conductor. He is the founder and director of The Potential State Institute For Enriching Relationships which incorporates and integrates therapy, art and education to create safe spaces for people to connect to themselves and others. He is also the artistic director of the Or Chozer Playback Theater company in Jerusalem. His Doctoral research is in training therapists in improvisation skills, and has since trained a range of helping professionals to be more spontaneous, playful and effective in their service. Dr. Romenelli has lectured to audiences all over the USA, Europe and Israel. He resides in Jerusalem with his dynamic wife and two lively kids.

About Rabbi Yisroel Bernath
Rabbi Yisroel Bernath - dubbed as "The Love Rabbi" is featured in the Award Winning documentary "Kosher Love". He has made over 50 successful matches. His expertise covers the entire spectrum of the Jewish community, from the secular to the religious. Rabbi Bernath is very passionate about building the Jewish community.

He has successfully helped hundreds of singles break through the "singles wall". His caring yet firm style has given singles the hope and clarity they need to navigate dating and long-term relationships.