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High Holiday Offerings

Because of COVID-19, we are offering a number of different, yet inspiring, options to you. Each option will be 100% COVID-19 Respected. You can be rest assured we will be making every effort to keep you and your family safe.


At Chabad NDG, we’ve always prided ourselves on offering uplifting and inspiring services that are open to all. This year, we’ve been presented with a unique set of challenges, but challenges and obstacles only strengthen our resolve.


Knowing how important these days are – and how this year we will all need that connection perhaps more so than any other – our approach is not merely “how do we get by”, but “how do we make this the most special and memorable High Holidays of our lifetime”.


To accomplish this, while keeping everyone safe and respecting individual circumstances and preferences, we are presenting various options and avenues of participation:


  Prayer Services .png Reserve Your Spot.png Family.png Shofar in the Park.png In a box.png Sermons.png Prep course.png Ask the Rabbi.png




For further information on any of the above, or to make phone reservations for In-Person High Holiday Services, please call 514.507.8800. May the Almighty bless you and yours with good health and a sweet New Year. May He bring an immediate end to this pandemic, and may we all experience revealed goodness and blessings in the Year 5781!