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 Transform Your Chaos Into Coherence

 About this Event

A Highly Interactive Heart-Based Workshop – On-line


Monday, 23 November, 2020 // 7:30 PM to9:30 PM




Facilitated by Dr. Sheryl Beller-Kenner, Naturopath & Certified HeartMath® Practitioner


In his most recent course, Positivity Bias: Stories to Reframe Our Experience of These Turbulent Times, Rabbi Bernath shared many reasons why it is important for each of us to build a positivity bias, especially in this time of great loss, upheaval, and illness. He was asked many questions about how to do this work that so many found to be challenging. As a token of gratitude to the Rabbi for having made the space for us to explore positivity and joy and to all of you participants who shared so much from your hearts, I will share some simple techniques that may help you to move away from the Oy in your life, hold on to the Joy in your heart, and increase your physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience.


Be prepared to use some of your G‑d-given gifts – your heart and your breath to help move you from negativity to positivity. Be ready to go inside your heart on an individual journey. Get set to connect and have fun!


Note: All are invited, even if you have not attended any of Rabbi Bernath’s past class offerings. Invite any adult family members or friends to join us. Each participant must have a separate email and computer connection.