Join us on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 8 PM EST

An inside perspective on Montreal's Chasidim


An inside perspective on Montreal's Chasidim

Trying to understand a subculture through the news media is like trying to see the stars through a microscope – the lens is pointed in the right direction but you can't see anything.

Specifically, Montreal's Chasidim have been a hot topic in french-language newspapers for over a decade. They've been fodder for many a Facebook debate – mostly between people who don't know a kugel from a knish.

The goal of this 2 hour seminar is to place Chasidim in context – historical, sociological, and religious – so that attendees will be able to sort out fact from fiction from what they read online. Ultimately, we hope that our real and virtual NDG spaces will be a little bit more welcoming of all minorities who might be misunderstood by everyone else.

Hosted by authentic NDG chasidim, and (we hope) some special guests from other neighbourhoods, this seminar will always be honest, sometimes sad, and mostly funny! Because that's just how we roll.

We look forward to doing this service for our broader community,

Yosh, Zvi, and Yisroel

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