Jewish Dating Secrets | An Online Workshop with Rabbi Yisroel Bernath

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 2022 AT 7:30 PM

A Special Discussion on Relationships for Singles and Young Adults.

What are the Jewish Dating Secrets? What Can the age-old Jewish tradition teach us in the 21st century?

Join Rabbi Yisroel Bernath for a lively and open discussion on the DNA of Healthy Relationships. This one is sure to be raw, real and a TAD bit controversial.

Plus… Rabbi Bernath will tackle some of your most difficult and pressing questions. In this no-holds-barred conversation that is sure to leave you with a lot to think about.

Hosted by Rohr Chabad NDG | Young Jewish Professionals |

Sponsored by Andrée & Selim Sasson, Beverley & Joseph Sasson, Nadia & Mark Sasson

7:30-8:30 Workshop
8:30-9:30 Open Questions and Answers Session

Admission: FREE
Suggested Donation: $15

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About Rabbi Yisroel Bernath
Cherished for his incredible warmth and non-judgmental personality, this hipster is not your typical rabbi. In 2012, Rabbi Bernath founded the smashing success JMatchmaking International, a network of Jewish dating sites. He has made several dozen matches to date! In addition to being a matchmaker and dating coach, Rabbi Bernath is also the author of three books, and continuously produces engaging content on his many social media & podcast platforms. As a professional voice-over artist, screen-writer, and actor, he has been a part of dozens of productions, including the hit CBC Documentary "Kosher Love".
He has successfully helped hundreds of singles break through the "singles wall". His caring yet firm style has given singles the hope and clarity they need to navigate dating and long-term relationships. Find out more at

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