Effective Matchmaking - A Full Day Groundbreaking Workshop in Montreal for Matchmakers & Shadchanim.

Sunday, January 8 from 10 AM to 7PM


Catered Lunch and Dinner
There is no greater kindness than helping someone find Mr. or Mrs. Right.
But it’s not easy…

Making matches is both an art and a science. In today’s world, it’s aided by computers, but still requires a human touch to get right.

The rush that comes with a successful setup is the highest of highs. The pain of things not working out, as you watch from the sidelines, can be hard to describe.

How can we make sure we’re doing things right?

For the first time ever, two of the Jewish world’s most respected matchmakers – Aleeza Ben Shalom and “The Love Rabbi”, Yisroel Bernath – will be leading a full-day seminar on how to be the most effective matchmaker you can be.

Whether you’re an old hand or brand new to the game, whether you work with more secular or religious singles, you will learn and grow by attending. We will try to reach the heart of what makes matchmaking work for any human being.


We’re going to cover everything: philosophies of matchmaking, interviewing, personality & values, when and how to refer someone for more help, and how to educate your daters to turn dating into a positive journey – and more.

You can expect discussion, participation, and great connections with other attendees… plus fantastic food, of course! Plus, we will launch this group into a cohort which will continue to discuss via WhatsApp and give support to each other as a matchmaker community!

This event, which would normally cost $399 per person to attend, is being generously sponsored by JCF Montreal’s Nova Grants. That’s right – this seminar is FREE for anyone willing to take it seriously and be involved in matchmaking.

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