Let it Go! A Pre Yom Kippur Lecture on Forgiveness

Thursday, September 21

The weight of this year has been felt deeply by each of us. The challenges faced and the moments of introspection have led us on a quest for clarity, seeking ways to mend our hearts and those of the people around us. At the crossroads of introspection, we often ask: How do we truly forgive? What lessons are we meant to take forward, and what burdens should we lay down?

We invite you to embark on a profound exploration with Rabbi Yisroel Bernath. Dive deep into the timeless wisdom and teachings on forgiveness, self-love, and the transformative power of the High Holidays.


Event Highlights:

Finding Meaning in Struggle: Deciphering the lessons of this challenging year and understanding its greater purpose in our lives.

The Art of Letting Go: Tools and teachings on how to release pain, forgive others, and most importantly, forgive ourselves.

Embracing Love: Cultivating self-love and extending that love to others.

The Secrets of Healing: Learn simple, yet powerful techniques to promote healing for yourself and others as we welcome the new year.

Who do we offer our forgiveness to, and how do we seek it in return? Join us for this transformative experience as Rabbi Bernath sheds light on these questions and guides us on a journey of renewal, understanding, and hope.

This event will be both in person at 6058 Sherbrooke West in Montreal and on zoom.

Come with an open heart and leave with a spirit renewed. We look forward to welcoming you to this special gathering.