Kabbalah of SoulMates

with Rabbi Yisroel Bernath and Aleeza Ben Shalom

For singles looking to get married and couples looking to stay married.

Lesson 1: What Is Love?
Lesson 2: Is Love Enough?
Lesson 3: Does True Love Exist?
Lesson 4: Are Soul Mates Just A Figure of Speech? 
Lesson 5: Can You Control Who You Fall In Love With?
Lesson 6: The Secret That Makes Souls Mate

What You will Receive:

• Five Self-Guided Classes,
• A Beautiful PDF Workbook, plus
• Three Zoom Discussions

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Embark on a journey with Rabbi Yisroel Bernath & Aleeza Ben Shalom through the mystical alleys of "The Kabbalah of Soulmates," where ancient wisdom sheds light on modern love's conundrums. In an era where 40 percent of Americans question the relevance of marriage, yet a heartfelt 75 percent yearn for the bond of matrimony, it's clear we're at a crossroads of confusion and craving. Enter the timeless teachings of Judaism and Kabbalah, offering not just answers but a profound understanding of love's true essence.

Imagine discovering that marriage isn't just a social contract but a divine reunion of two halves of a single soul. Kabbalah unveils the mystery: every soul is split before birth, embarking on a journey to find its other half. This isn't your average fairy tale romance; it's the cosmic truth that your soul, until reunited, will always yearn for its counterpart. This revelation transforms the quest for love from a mere search for compatibility to a divine mission of reconnection.

This course is more than just frontal learning; it's an adventure. While we can't guarantee your soulmate will leap from the screen (though, follow our whimsical instructions on pages 2, 7, 11, and 16 of your workbook for a surprise), we promise insights that might just lead you closer to them. For the married folks doubting their choice, rest assured, the wisdom within these pages will illuminate the beauty and predestined nature of your union.

"The Kabbalah of Soulmates" isn't merely a course; it's a guide to rediscovering yourself and your other half amidst the chaos of modern dating. Aleeza & Rabbi Bernath invite you to explore the soul-deep connections that await, revealing not just how to find love, but to understand its very fabric according to the rich traditions of Kabbalah and Judaism. Whether single or married, this journey promises to enlighten, entertain, and perhaps even lead to a few magical moments. After all, who knows what wonders lie in wait when you align with the universe's design for love?