Better Together Raffle 2024.


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Nowadays, "Jewish Community" is not just a center we donate to. It's a relationship we connect with - one great story at a time.


This year, we are leveling up with more family, community, and student programming, more social services, and more individual care. We will continue to deliver food and supplies to the less fortunate, cover rents, and provide a listening ear to the vulnerable.


We invite you to show your support for our amazing community. 


First Prize: $22,000

Second Prize: Trip for two to Israel

Third Prize: $1,300

Fourth Prize: $650 (3 winners)

Purchase 5 tickets to enter a draw for a trip for two to anywhere in North America!




Chabad NDG is a Jewish Community welcoming everyone from all walks of life, located on Sherbrooke West, right in the heart of NDG.


No matter who you are, Chabad is your home! Our programs are open to all regardless of affiliation, level of observance, level of education, knowledge of Hebrew or ability to blow the shofar.


Membership is not required. Just come as you are.


Guided by the leadership of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Chabad's mantra of loving every individual has been the driving force. In order to satisfy the hearts and minds of all our people, Chabad NDG provides a wide range of programs, events and social gatherings, as well as a fully functional synagogue.


Chabad NDG is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who give their heart and soul to see its success. There is always space here for YOU to join us.


Chabad NDG is not a centrally funded organization. It relies completely on the generosity of people like yourself.