To reach, educate, and inspire the Jewish community of NDG in their pursuit of a meaningful connection to their spiritual heritage and a Jewish life fully lived.

Chabad of NDG & Loyola Campus:

  • Provides social, educational, recreational and spiritual programming for Students, Young Adults, Families, and Seniors.
  • Provides a base for Concordia University's Jewish Students to socialize and question their faith without fear of judgment, and regardless of affiliation or background.
  • Promotes exploration, growth and practice of Jewish ritual and celebration.

Our work is guided by the inspirational leadership of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory, his global efforts to warmly engage the hearts and minds of Jews and mankind, and his non-judgmental outreach message of “love your fellow as yourself”.

Our vision is to create a bustling centre for Jewish life in the heart of the Monkland Village, complete with cutting edge, out-of- the-box programming and a heimish, inviting atmosphere that encourages people to be active members of the Jewish community-at-large.